Butt Hash

It’s called “Butt Hash”. It also goes by colorful slang such as “Ass Eggs” or “El Culero” (Spanish for “the Asshole”).

Me? I just call it “Nope”.

There are many ways that hash is smuggled between countries. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Submarines and Fed Express. Even tunnels. Some tunnels go underground, some run through the human body. As in the digestive system.

Smugglers ingest small, tightly wrapped hash torpedoes, and then poop them out once they’ve crossed the border.

Whether it’s called “Butt Hash” or “Ass Eggs” it all stinks, and I’m not just talking about the hash’s protective saran wrap coating. I’m talking about a system where people have to use their colon as a cargo container.

Want to learn more about “Butt Hash”? Here’s the legendary Jorge Cervantes.

In this video, Mr. Cervantes makes the case that this particular type of butt hash from Morocco is among the best smoke in the world. His reasoning? It would have to be or they wouldn’t go through the trouble of carrying it across the border on the wrong side of their anus.

Uh huh… Well I’m not so sure I go along with that line of reasoning. That’s not denying that it might have it’s place in the Pantheon of primo pot. Fact is I’ll never know if this is true. For the same reason I’ll never know if Civet coffee is truly the best coffee:

I don’t consume (smoke, drink, eat) that which has been through something -or someone- else’s digestive tract.

But who knows. Some day I may be able to sample that amazing Moroccan hash. As attitudes about marijuana change, there may come a day when we all can experience the multitudinous cannabis varieties from around the world without fear of fecal fallout.

Finger Hash Up Close

If you’re a grower or a trimmer, you’ve heard of finger hash, also known as “snot balls”.

Fresh buds, especially when they have been well grown, are sticky to the touch. After trimming just a few buds, a trimmer’s fingers become as sticky as though they were coated with rubber cement. Just as with rubber cement, if you roll your fingers together you’ll wind up with a somewhat less sticky, squishy ball, in this case comprised of THC (and whatever else was on the trimmer’s fingers).


It occurred to me as I was setting up the microscope that I might not want an up close look at finger hash for fear of finding out exactly what it is, beyond THC, that I’ve been combusting and inhaling. What I was most worried about was finding a sperm cell. My fears are not unfounded. There was a recent study that found vaginal discharge in numerous cannabis samples.

Looking at the image above, there are a couple of things that have me scratching my head. There’s the long thin white structure near the center which looks questionable. Is it a virus? A bacteria? A THC eating micro-spider? The dark, greenish line in the center looks like it might be a small portion of leaf.

Or alternatively, it’s just about the right width to be a human hair…


Either way, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that any finger hash that I smoke in the future will have to come from my fingers, and only my fingers!

Click here for a comic view of extracts from “The Little Green Schoolhouse”!


Trichomes: A Visual Primer

Trichomes are what produce the THC and the many other cannabinoids that are unique to the cannabis plant.

On a live plant, they sparkle under light.


As the marijuana plant matures, the bulbs at the top of the trichomes swell and become resinous and sticky.


Once the cannabis plant is harvested, it is dried and cured, causing the head to harden and turn amber as it begins to degrade.


For an historical perspective on Trichomes, visit The Little Green Schoolhouse comic at Dankdoodles.com by clicking the image below.


Weed on Welk! Did the Clean Cut Crew Consume Cannabis?

As I was researching the latest installment of “The Little Green Schoolhouse”, I came across a real gem from the Lawrence Welk Show.

If you didn’t grow up in a German or Scandinavian family you may not be aware of the man and his orchestra.

The show has a reputation for being squeaky clean so imagine my surprise when I found that they had a straight laced duo singing a song like this…

Yup, they’re singing about weed on Lawrence Welk. They must have known. At least this duo must’ve known. Did “Gail and Dale” sneak it by, cloaked in the “Sweet Jesus” and “Mary” references?

Okay, back to the grindstone, I have a ‘Toon to wrap up for dankdoodles.com

Until next time… auf wiedersehen!

Weed and the Next Recession

The last recession was a doozy. Few people came through it unscathed.

As bad as it was, and it was pretty bad… in Washington State we had a lifeline. We had legal(ish) weed.

There were few restrictions and there wasn’t a major player that dominated the market. The hobby farmer didn’t have to worry about arrest and they didn’t have to compete with huge corporations. That enabled the “little guy” to get their much needed piece of the pie and to do it in relative safety. I can’t begin to imagine how many homes were saved thanks to the emerging medical marijuana market.

Unfortunately, there’s a new recession on the way. Some say we’ve barely left behind the last one. I happen to agree with them. We may not be feeling the effects any longer, but the underlying issues were never solved, only the symptoms were treated.

We no longer have that lifeline. People struggling to make that house payment, that car payment, that insurance payment… They no longer have the ability to legally grow a few plants for the dispensary shelves or the farmer’s market tables.

Something tells me that when this next recession hits, we’ll see another uptick in the number of garage farmers. Only this time, they won’t be seen as resourceful entrepreneurs at best, and grey market profiteers at worst. This time they’ll be seen as black market criminals and the courts will show no mercy.

Corporate Warfare Will Free the Weed (Not the DEA)

There is a strength spectrum in the pain killer world.

On one end of the spectrum is aspirin. It’s pain killing effectiveness is mild.

On the other end is opiates, for when your pain is beyond endurance.

Marijuana fills that space in between.

Simple huh?

Except that the DEA just reaffirmed that marijuana has no medicinal value. Of course that came as a shock to the millions who use it daily to fill the space between ineffective and overkill.


No, the DEA really isn’t that stupid. And it doesn’t do us any good to think of them that way. By doing so we misdiagnose the problem and try to apply the wrong fix.

The problem is that the DEA doesn’t want to be the one to reschedule marijuana. Their latest decision was a giant “not it!”.

They were able to get away with this lunacy because they rely on the FDA to acknowledge that marijuana has medicinal value. The FDA won’t acknowledge that it has medicinal value unless rigorous testing shows that it has medicinal value. The type of testing that can’t be done because marijuana is listed as a schedule one drug.

Joseph Heller must be spinning in his grave over that one.

Not to be cynical but this may not be fixed until marijuana corporations become large enough to outspend the corporations that depend on the status quo.

It’s funny when you think of it. We may get legalization because one corporation beat another corporation.

Corporate warfare will free the weed!



Why Does The Government Hate Female Orgasms?

What does the government have against women experiencing orgasm?

There’s a relatively new product out there, a THC based lubricant that is driving women bonkers in bed and your government doesn’t want you to have it. They are afraid of the power of the lady parts and that cannot stand!

Because of some old fuddy duds in power, if women want to experience earth shaking orgasms they need to see their doctor and get a prescription.

You read that right my friend. Ladies, if you want to experience that which is your birthright, the leg shaking, lip biting, waves of pleasure cascading through your core orgasm… Uncle Sam is going to make you buy a license.