Butt Hash

It’s called “Butt Hash”. It also goes by colorful slang such as “Ass Eggs” or “El Culero” (Spanish for “the Asshole”).

Me? I just call it “Nope”.

There are many ways that hash is smuggled between countries. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Submarines and Fed Express. Even tunnels. Some tunnels go underground, some run through the human body. As in the digestive system.

Smugglers ingest small, tightly wrapped hash torpedoes, and then poop them out once they’ve crossed the border.

Whether it’s called “Butt Hash” or “Ass Eggs” it all stinks, and I’m not just talking about the hash’s protective saran wrap coating. I’m talking about a system where people have to use their colon as a cargo container.

Want to learn more about “Butt Hash”? Here’s the legendary Jorge Cervantes.

In this video, Mr. Cervantes makes the case that this particular type of butt hash from Morocco is among the best smoke in the world. His reasoning? It would have to be or they wouldn’t go through the trouble of carrying it across the border on the wrong side of their anus.

Uh huh… Well I’m not so sure I go along with that line of reasoning. That’s not denying that it might have it’s place in the Pantheon of primo pot. Fact is I’ll never know if this is true. For the same reason I’ll never know if Civet coffee is truly the best coffee:

I don’t consume (smoke, drink, eat) that which has been through something -or someone- else’s digestive tract.

But who knows. Some day I may be able to sample that amazing Moroccan hash. As attitudes about marijuana change, there may come a day when we all can experience the multitudinous cannabis varieties from around the world without fear of fecal fallout.

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