Finger Hash Up Close

If you’re a grower or a trimmer, you’ve heard of finger hash, also known as “snot balls”.

Fresh buds, especially when they have been well grown, are sticky to the touch. After trimming just a few buds, a trimmer’s fingers become as sticky as though they were coated with rubber cement. Just as with rubber cement, if you roll your fingers together you’ll wind up with a somewhat less sticky, squishy ball, in this case comprised of THC (and whatever else was on the trimmer’s fingers).


It occurred to me as I was setting up the microscope that I might not want an up close look at finger hash for fear of finding out exactly what it is, beyond THC, that I’ve been combusting and inhaling. What I was most worried about was finding a sperm cell. My fears are not unfounded. There was a recent study that found vaginal discharge in numerous cannabis samples.

Looking at the image above, there are a couple of things that have me scratching my head. There’s the long thin white structure near the center which looks questionable. Is it a virus? A bacteria? A THC eating micro-spider? The dark, greenish line in the center looks like it might be a small portion of leaf.

Or alternatively, it’s just about the right width to be a human hair…


Either way, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that any finger hash that I smoke in the future will have to come from my fingers, and only my fingers!

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