Corporate Warfare Will Free the Weed (Not the DEA)

There is a strength spectrum in the pain killer world.

On one end of the spectrum is aspirin. It’s pain killing effectiveness is mild.

On the other end is opiates, for when your pain is beyond endurance.

Marijuana fills that space in between.

Simple huh?

Except that the DEA just reaffirmed that marijuana has no medicinal value. Of course that came as a shock to the millions who use it daily to fill the space between ineffective and overkill.


No, the DEA really isn’t that stupid. And it doesn’t do us any good to think of them that way. By doing so we misdiagnose the problem and try to apply the wrong fix.

The problem is that the DEA doesn’t want to be the one to reschedule marijuana. Their latest decision was a giant “not it!”.

They were able to get away with this lunacy because they rely on the FDA to acknowledge that marijuana has medicinal value. The FDA won’t acknowledge that it has medicinal value unless rigorous testing shows that it has medicinal value. The type of testing that can’t be done because marijuana is listed as a schedule one drug.

Joseph Heller must be spinning in his grave over that one.

Not to be cynical but this may not be fixed until marijuana corporations become large enough to outspend the corporations that depend on the status quo.

It’s funny when you think of it. We may get legalization because one corporation beat another corporation.

Corporate warfare will free the weed!



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