Weed and the Next Recession

The last recession was a doozy. Few people came through it unscathed.

As bad as it was, and it was pretty bad… in Washington State we had a lifeline. We had legal(ish) weed.

There were few restrictions and there wasn’t a major player that dominated the market. The hobby farmer didn’t have to worry about arrest and they didn’t have to compete with huge corporations. That enabled the “little guy” to get their much needed piece of the pie and to do it in relative safety. I can’t begin to imagine how many homes were saved thanks to the emerging medical marijuana market.

Unfortunately, there’s a new recession on the way. Some say we’ve barely left behind the last one. I happen to agree with them. We may not be feeling the effects any longer, but the underlying issues were never solved, only the symptoms were treated.

We no longer have that lifeline. People struggling to make that house payment, that car payment, that insurance payment… They no longer have the ability to legally grow a few plants for the dispensary shelves or the farmer’s market tables.

Something tells me that when this next recession hits, we’ll see another uptick in the number of garage farmers. Only this time, they won’t be seen as resourceful entrepreneurs at best, and grey market profiteers at worst. This time they’ll be seen as black market criminals and the courts will show no mercy.

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