Weed on Welk! Did the Clean Cut Crew Consume Cannabis?

As I was researching the latest installment of “The Little Green Schoolhouse”, I came across a real gem from the Lawrence Welk Show.

If you didn’t grow up in a German or Scandinavian family you may not be aware of the man and his orchestra.

The show has a reputation for being squeaky clean so imagine my surprise when I found that they had a straight laced duo singing a song like this…

Yup, they’re singing about weed on Lawrence Welk. They must have known. At least this duo must’ve known. Did “Gail and Dale” sneak it by, cloaked in the “Sweet Jesus” and “Mary” references?

Okay, back to the grindstone, I have a ‘Toon to wrap up for dankdoodles.com

Until next time… auf wiedersehen!

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